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Lawyer, Law Firm Krüger, Münster;
Lecturer, ConEnergy Akademie Essen


Senior Consultant Energy Markets


Authorised Officer, Energiehandelsgesellschaft West mbH


Lawyer, admitted to the district court of Münster;
University of Münster and Nijmegen (NL)

Contract- und Claim Management

Grid and Windfarm Operators

By Contract and Claim Management I understand the implementation of necessary processes for the contract design, analysis, monitoring and documentation for the best possible enforceability of own claims and defense against unjustified claims of counterparts. This includes in particular

  • Operational support in the design and prosecution of project and subcontractor agreements as well as contractually relevant topics
  • Creation of own contract supplements (change order requests) 
  • Development / expansion of structures / processes for contract management including the development of personnel capacities
  • Participation / perception of meetings / negotiation appointments with customers, clients, etc.     
  • Analysis, processing and tracking of contractually relevant claims     
  • Evidence for the defense of inbound as well as substantive justification of outgoing claims

License Management

Contracts for wind farm projects

The development and expansion of marine locations for power generation in accordance with the Renewable Energy Sources Act requires the reconstruction and conversion of the entire line infrastructure in Germany by 2030. With this huge project, network and wind farm operators, licensing authorities and contractors alike are facing considerable challenges.

The intact communication between the regulatory authorities and the design process as well as between the supervisory authorities and the executing companies creates a stable framework for a smooth execution of approval procedures and construction.

The basis for coping with the temporal and economic risks during construction is a legally and technically flawless contract.

Processing of approval procedures

  • Preparation of the documents for the technical project explanation
  • Support in public participation and objection management
  • Advice on technical planning in accordance with nature conservation issues
  • Analysis of permit conditions and building restrictions
  • Listing of the license management plan
  • Advice on the execution planning
  • Assistance in monitoring the executing companies
  • Support for grid connection of an offshore wind farm

Legal Advice Energy Law

Advice on laws and regulations

In energy law consulting, the focus is on the classic contents of the Energy Industry Act (EnWG). In this context, my main area of ​​expertise includes all matters relating to the markets and competition, which are related to the EnWG and the liberalized energy markets. This includes, among others

  • Creation of or advice on wholesale supply contracts according to EFET or ISDA     
  • Advice on laws and regulations relating to energy law, i. a. Energy Industry Act (EnWG), Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), but also relevant tax laws such as the Mineral Oil Tax Act.

EEG 2018 – Current Legal Framework

Not least because of the amendment in the summer of 2016 (EEG 2017), the EEG has fundamentally changed in many aspects. It is undisputed that over the years the EEG has become an extremely complex and central regulatory framework. In-depth knowledge of the law and its interpretation are essential, if you want to implement the EEG correctly and at the same time practicable for your own company or your own interests.

  • Drafting of contracts and legal advice on the establishment of operating companies,
  • EEG remuneration and EEG apportionment
  • Direct Marketing according to EEG
  • Grid Connection
  • Questions about buying and selling EEG investments (Due Diligence and legal/ contractual Risk Management)



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